Samples from topics

Highlands and Islands

Argyle The Argyle Papers. Introductory Notice. Appendix. Erratum. Only very limited impression – Fifty copies on small paper, Six copies on large paper, One copy on vellum. xxxiii, 213pp. Edinburgh 1834
Bagley, Arthur L. Walks and Scrambles in the Highlands. With Twelve Illustrations. List of Illustrations. vii, 204pp. London 1914 [Light Foxing]
Bain, George History of Nairnshire. Preface. Index. 600pp. Nairn: "Telegraph" Office, 8 Leopold Street. 1893
Bain, George The Lordship of Petty. Dedicated to the Memory of Colonel Donald Russell of Treeton. Preface. Illustrations. 131pp. Nairn: Published at the "Nairnshire Telegraph" Office. (Preface Date – 1925)
Bain, Robert History of the Ancient Province of Ross (The County Palatine of Scotland) – From the Earliest to the Present Time. Preface. Maps or Plans. Errata. Appendix. Index. xviii, 440pp. Dingwall: The Pefferside Press, Ltd. 1899
Baker, Ernest A. On Foot in the Highlands. With 8 Illustrations. Prefatory Note. D/W London: Alexander Maclehose & Co. 58 Bloomsbury Street 1932
Campbell, Lord Archibald Argyllshire Galleys. Some Typical Examples from Tomb Slabs and Crosses. Preface. Introductory Notes. 24 Plates. 65pp. London 1906
Campbell, Duncan The Lairds of Glenlyon – relating to the districts of Appin, Glenlyon, and Breadalbane. Printed for Private Circulation. Preface. Four typed pages of index inserted at end inside rear board. Frontispiece guard sheet, title page, and preface loose. vi, 335pp. Perth 1886
Campbell, Duncan The Book of Garth and Fortingall – Historical Sketches relating to the districts of Garth, Fortingall, Athole, and Breadalbane. Illustration on the title page of 'The tomb of the Wolf of Badenoch in Dunkeld Cathedral'. Preface. Some early marginal notes and corrections. Appendix. Maps. 362pp. Inverness 1888
Campbell, Duncan Reminiscences and Reflections of an Octogenarian Highlander. Frontispiece of author. List of Subscribers. xvi, 711pp. Inverness 1910
Campbell, Grace Highland Heritage. Foreword. Acknowledgments. Illustrations. Maps. Index. 256pp. D/W Collins: London and Glasgow 1962 (Canadian Author)
Campbell, H. F. Highland Reconstruction. Preface. Gaelic. Land Court. Fisheries. Canals. Kelp. Housing. Transport. The Poor. University. Appendices. Index. Introduction. ix, 318pp. Glasgow 1920
Darling, F. Fraser (edit.) West Highland Survey – An Essay in Human Ecology. Illustrations. Map. xvi,438pp. Oxford [First Edition 1955 & From corrected sheets of the first edition 1956]
Darling, F. Fraser & Boyd, J. Morton Natural History in the Highlands and Islands [The New Naturalist Series] London 1973 {Reprinted – First edition 1964, Second edition 1969]
Delaney, Frank A Walk to the Western Isles – After Boswell & Johnson. List of Illustrations. Acknowledgements. Chronology of the Journey of Johnson and Boswell. Map. Afterword. Index. xii, 308pp. D/W London 1993
Devine, T. M. Willie Orr (research assistant): The Great Highland Famine – Hunger, Emigration and the Scottish Highlands in the Nineteenth Century. Introduction. Notes. Abbreviations. Tables. Figure. Maps. Appendices. Bibliography. Index. xviii, 349pp. Edinburgh 1988


Pearson, Mike Parker, Sharples, Niall, and Symonds, Jim South Uist – Archaeology and History of a Hebridean Island. With contributions by Jacqui Mulville. John Raven, Helen Smith, and Alex Woolf. Introduction. Appendix. Picture Credits. Glossary of South Uist Place Names. Bibliography. Index. 224pp. Stroud 2004.
Pennell, Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Our Journey to the Hebrides. Preface. Illustrations. xx, 225pp. London: T. Fisher Unwin, Paternoster Square 1890
Pickworth, Ethel By Sea to The Isles. Illustrations. Foreword. 57pp. Map. Llandudno c.1950
Pottle, Frederick A. and Bennett, Charles H. (edits.) Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson 1773. Edited from the Original Manuscript. Preface. Text of Boswell's Journal. Appendix. Corrections and Additions. Topographical Supplement. Index. List of Illustrations. Maps. xxviii, 520pp. D/W Yale University & London 1963

Church and Religion

Forrester, Duncan & Murray, Douglas (edits.) Studies in the History of Worship in Scotland. Introduction. Contributors. Introduction to the Second Edition. Acknowledgement. Index. xiii, 208pp. Second Edition. Edinburgh 1996.
Free Church Disruption Worthies – A Memorial of 1843. Illustrations. xxii, 342pp. Edinburgh 1876.
Gordon, J. F. S. (edit.) The Catholic Church in Scotland, from the Suppression of the Hierarchy to the Present Time: Being Memorabilia of the bishops, Missioners, and Scotch Jesuits. Appendix. Notes relating to the Mission, inside front cover. 645pp. Aberdeen 1874.
Haldane, Alexander The Lives of Robert Haldane of Airthrey, and of his Brother, James Alexander Haldane. Third Edition. Frontispiece portrait of James A. Haldane. Preface to the Second Edition. xvi, 708pp. Lists of the publications of each of the two brothers. London 1853.

Family History

Hunter, Thomas Woods, Forests, and Estates of Perthshire with Sketches of the Principal Families in the County. Illustrated. xvi, 563pp. Perth 1883
Jay, Harriett Robert Buchanan – Some Account of His Life His Life's Work and His Literary Friendships. Inscription. Specimen of handwriting. Frontispiece: Portrait of Robert Buchanan. Preface. Illustrations. Index. xii, 324pp. London: T. Fisher Unwin Paternoster Square. 1903
Johnston, Thomas Our Scots Noble Families. With Preface by J. Ramsay Macdonald, M.P. Introduction to this New Edition by Brian D. Osborne. Appendix. Publisher’s Note. Appendix. xxxv, 71pp. First Published Edition 1909; this edition – Argyll Publishing, Glendaruel, Argyll: 1999
Macdonald, Angus A Family Memoir of the Macdonalds of Keppoch. Written from 1800 to 1820, for his niece, Mrs Stanley Constable. Edited by Clements R. Markham; with some notes by the late Charles Edward Stuart, Comte D'Albanie. Preface. Introductory. xii, 153pp. London 1885 (No. 143 of limited impression of 150 copies.)

Matters of Interest

Argyll, Duke of The Unseen Foundations of Society – An Examination of the Fallacies and Failures of Economic Science due to Neglected Elements. Preface. Index. xx, 591pp. London: John Murray, Albemarle Street 1893
Aslet, Clive Villages of Britain – The Five Hundred Villages That Made the Countryside. Introduction. Further Reading. Index. Acknowledgements. 658pp. D/W London 2010
Batey, Colleen; Jesch, Judith; Morris, Christopher D. (Edits.) The Viking Age in Caithness, Orkney and the North Atlantic. Select Papers from the Proceedings of the Eleventh Viking Congress, Thurso and Kirkwall, 22 August – 1 September 1989. Foreword. xvi, 554pp. Edinburgh University Press for Centre for Continuing Education, University of Aberdeen and Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow 1993
Beveridge, Erskine The 'Abers' and 'Invers' of Scotland. Edition limited to 300 copies. 128pp. Edinburgh 1923

Ossian Books

Clerk, Archibald The Poems of Ossian In the Original Gaelic with a Literal translation into English and a Dissertation on the Authenticity of the Poems. Together with the English Translation by Macpherson. Addressed to John Marquess of Bute. In Two Volumes. Vol.I Explanation of Proper Names and Notes at end of each Poem. Errata. lxvi, 503pp. Vol. II (Explanation as in Vol. I.) 584pp. William Blackwood and Sons: Edinburgh and London 1870
Davies, Edward The Claims of Ossian, Examined and Appreciated: An Essay on the Scottish and Irish Poems published under that name; in which The Question of their Genuineness and Historical Credit is Freely Discussed: Together with Some Curious Particulars relative to the Structure and State of Poetry in the Celtic Dialects of Scotland and Ireland. Advertisement. Appendix., 327, xiii Swansea: Printed for the Author, by H. Griffith, 17, Wind-street: And Sold by Longman and Co. Paternoster-Row, London 1825 (Presented by the Author To Mr Aneurin Owen Pugh – 'The following Work is, on account of his very laudable and important exertions in promoting the cause of Welsh Literature, very respectfully presented April 1826'
Grant, James Thoughts on the Origin and Descent of the Gael: with An Account of the Picts, Caledonians, and Scots; and Observations Relative to the Authenticity of the Poems of Ossian. Introduction. 456pp. Edinburgh: Printed by Walker and Greig; For Archibald and Co. Edinburgh; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London; and John Young and Co. Inverness. 1814
Harvey, George Ossian's Fingal; An Ancient Epic Poem, in Six Books, Rendered into English Verse. Preface. List of Subscribers. Notes. xvi, 246pp. London: Printed by A. J. Valpy, Tooke's Court, Chancery Lane, for Cadell and Davies, Strand. 1814

Some Spalding Club (Aberdeen) Volumes

Collections for A History of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff Presented to the Spalding Club by the Earl of Aberdeen. Editor's Preface. Map of the shires. Index to the Parishes described in this View of the Diocese of Aberdeen. Members of the Spalding Club. xii, 658pp. Aberdeen 1843
Extracts from The Presbytery Book of Strathbogie A.D. 1631-1654 Editor's Preface. xxxi, 269pp. Aberdeen 1843
Illustrations of the Topography and Antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff The First Volume. Editor’s preface. Note. Index of Places. Index of Persons. lxxiii, 242pp. Aberdeen 1869